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Tummy Time Mat

My daughter can't get enough of this water mat. She gets excited about a lot of toys, but this is her absolute favorite!"

—Sara C., Tummy Time Mat Customer

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Did you know that 75% of baby cries every time when you put them on their tummy?While tummy time is great for babies, a lot of babies seem to dislike being place on their tummy.Our tummy time play mat is designed to help you to overcome this problem and allow your baby to have fun during their tummy time. 

Relaxing Childhood & Parenthood - Although this play mat is great for kids, it’s also great for parents as it will keep your baby busy for hours, allowing you to save some well-deserved peace and quiet! The bright colours and marine themes are bound to keep your boy or girl engaged and excited for long periods of time, every single day!

Why choose our InflataterMat™? 


  • Because You Want Your Baby To Have Fun – and that’s exactly what our engaging fish puzzle mat will deliver! Help your newborn have fun squeezing, squishing and pressing the water mat and trying to move the fish around!

  •  Because You Don’t Want To Spend Hours Setting Up A Play Mat – less time setting up a tummy time mat means more time enjoying it! That’s why our water mat for babies is so easy to inflate and fill with water! 

  • Because You Don’t Like Cleaning Up A Huge Mess – raising your baby is hard enough. You don’t have the time or energy to clean up after leaky mats and we know it. That’s why our mom-approved water mat is 100% leakproof!

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The Ideal gift for your little angle!


Watch as your infant enters our fish tank WONDERWORLD, wide eyed and FASCINATED by the bright colors, sharp contrasts and cute floating toys. Rain or shine is tummy time! Your baby will try to catch and bat the brightly colored toys as they float by. This baby splash pad will provide hours of qualitystimulating and healthy fun. 


The Tummy Time Mat is an essential tool for developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles as well as honing hand-eye coordination, fine motor and social skills. It is a sensory delight that enhances brain development.

STIMULATING VISUALS & Attracting Attention

Lots of visual colors & movement which creates fun and excitement. Great for sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social skills. 

Water splash pad colorful underwater images and 6 marine creatures that float can successfully attract your baby's attention. When marine life floats, your baby will try to capture and hit brightly colored creatures, which will allow them to be entertained for a long time.


Designed exclusively with BPA-free materials, our Tummy Time mat is bound never to get ripped or damaged even with everyday use! Unlike all those cheaply-made water playing baby mats that are leaky, smell horribly and cannot endure the abuse of a toddler and infant. 

Watch the video to see the product in action and how to use it! 

Quick Guide: Simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with your desired level of tap water, set it on the floor and let the fun begin! It folds easily when empty into your purse or toy bag to bring along anywhere you go.

Image To show how to use the product! 


What is the dimensions of the product? 

Dimensions: 66x50cm

What is the material of the product? 

Our Tummy Time Mat is made out of plastic. 100% SAFE FOR YOUR LITTLE ANGEL - Designed exclusively with BPA-free materials, our infant water mat is bound never to get ripped or damaged even with everyday use! Unlike all those cheaply-made water playing baby mats that are leaky, smell horribly and cannot endure the abuse of a toddler and infant.

is the quality of the product good?

{ SUPREME QUALITY AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS OUR PROMISE } This Tummy Time Mat play mat is constructed from HEAVY DUTY PVC that has been thoroughly tested and will NOT LEAK air or water PERIOD!! That is our GUARANTEE or your MONEY BACK!!

Can I Track my Order? 

Absolutely. Once you place your order, We do give tracking number where your can easily track your order.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We have a 14 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products. You may return the item for a full refund. Please refer to our return policy for more details. 

How long will shipping take?  

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Shipping from USA:   1-2 weeks 

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 Thank you for all your support while we weather the storm!

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